Thursday, November 16, 2006

Things to do: Thursday, November 16

I can't believe Thanksgiving is one week away. Traditionally next Wednesday is an amazing night to go out, so we'll see what comes up, but for now, let's talk about tonight:

This is really the only show I recommend, and not just because I made the flyer. RB&FP are really good and Juan Peso normally play in North County, so check them out since they're coming south for. I believe the show is free, so you have no reason not to be there.

I'll be there and then afterward heading to an undisclosed location where the beers are kept cold and cheap, the bartender knows your name, and you can score $1 chili cheese fritos...supposedly there will be a kinda freestyle open mic type thing there hosted by Ben from Down with Leo. If you're interested, I just might tell you the secret spot (if you don't already know, of course...)

Also tonight:

The Slits, Mika Miko, dMonstrations @ Casbah
Death of A Dancer @ Beauty Bar

if I missed something else, let me know.

At Brick By Back there will be a live tribute to Lou Reed. Morgan Young is spinning. I'll still be at SDSC.

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andrea said...

I don't think the bartender knows *my* name-- I'm told he calls me Juliette... I think he just knows your name, Rosemary...