Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Calendar Update: More things to do this week

Thursday, Novemeber 9: Republic of Letters and Exit at San Diego Sports Club

Friday, November 10: Buddy Akai, Qu'est Q'Cest, Strategeme @ San Diego Sports Club

Saturday, November 11: Swandive, Cape May, and A Week's Worth @ Portugalia (in OB)
Kill Me Tomorrow @ The Beauty Bar

Also, I got a friend request from "The Burning of Rome" on myspace and I like em. They're playing a show at the Mira Costa College cafeteria on 11/17. I don't get north of the 8 very often, but if anyone knows anything about this band let me know. I like. Also on that bill are The Silent Comedy, The Bologna Ponies (who win for best band name in my book) and Emmm.

I promise I will try to be more "fair and balanced" when it comes to North County bands. Just don't think you'll ever get me to drive to the Jumping Turtle.

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andrew said...

I don't know if Cape May will be playing this one....or even together for that matter. Their bassist left in a gnarly fit after their show at Winstons last night with Rose Hill Drive and was in a rage with the singer. Hope they pull it together.