Monday, November 13, 2006

94/9 Hootenanny

94/9 has announce that it will be having a holiday concert at RIMAC arena (ew!) on December 9, 2006. The four bands are to be announced on Wednesday, but I'm scouring the internets to track down any scoop.

My Internet is crawling at a snail's pace today...pathetic.

I wrote a line in here that these are my predictions for possibilities. These are solely based on my opinion, the playlist of 94/9, bands that are touring around that time, and other markets' "holiday" concerts.

Incubus (they are coming in Jan but I predict a "preview" to promote Light Grenades)
The Killers ( I know Garrett "tolerates" them, but I have a strong feeling on this one...look at the gab between SF and Mexico!)

Jet (They are playing an Xmas show with the Killers a few days before in Atlanta)
Plain White T's (they are touring but mysteriously have a 3 day gap in their tour)
Plus 44 or Angels and Airwaves...(I just have a feeling on these)

I'm gonna keep trolling the net. I know I'll find something.

Another addition: You can be sure that Papa Roach, 30 Seconds to Mars, Wolfmother won't be playing as they are playing for KROQ the same night. Also out of the question...Death Cab For Cutie, Dashboard Confessional.

Also, it safe to assume the bands playing 91X NIghtmare Before Xmas the next day are out of the question: AFI, MCR, Taking Back Sunday, Unwritten Law.

I would put money on the killers and plain white t's if I had money to toss around on such things.


lyn said...

they are keeping it pretty tight. as of saturday, some of their staff didn't even know. i'm working on it.....

TR said...

What about The Raconteurs..?

They are playing SF later that week, and 949 has never been known for being original. (See 4th Aniv. lineup)

catdirt said...

i'll lay a fiver down on incubus & the killers... angels & airwaves is a good bet- dunno about +44- they actually say they're from a place called "los angeles" on their myspace.

Unknown said...

nix on the killers. i really doubt garett would be behind that.

maybe on incubus (but gross)

they love plain white t's, so that could be it.

i would take angels and airwaves before plus 44. halloran is squarely on his boy tom's side in that debate.

also plus 44 is already playing at soma.