Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Random Notes.

I promise I am not quitting on going out but had to do a family dinner last night...and we all know how exhausting those can be. I just reposted the week so skip to that.

Don't forget tonight- 6:30 PM: Community meeting with Councilmember Toni Atkins to address recent crime in North Park and surrounding areas. This meeting is at North Park Rec Center at 4044 Idaho. Andrea commented about the general points of Monday's meeting.

Since I highlighted some San Diego bands touring earlier, I'll mention that Daredevil Jane just added a tour. The North Atlantic have been touring extensively and are headed for New York...way to represent.

Also, Music For Animals, a band out of SF that recently played the Ken Club, was just signed to Three Ring Records and will have a full length release in '07. They are good friends with Dave of Vitro so hopefully they'll make their way here again soon.

A little bird told me there might be some line-up changes for an oft posted about band on this site. I'll let you know as soon as I have permission to spill it...


catdirt said...

what cape may? did you see hear that the 1/8 tim pyles debut show @ the casbah is going to fifty and vinyl radio? suhweet.

is it just skull kontrol every night of the week at livewire? they just rename the bar "skull kontrol" or, alternatively, "big mar's place."

Rosemary Bystrak said...

No, not Cape May.

I have to admit here that I haven't been to Livewire since they had just a beer and wine license, so you would be the expert on Skull Kontrol. I really just go by what I'm sent via MySpace.

andrea said...

As requested by my blog queen--

At first I thought the band (The Heartaches, I believe?) that dressed up like the Guardian Angels at Tim's casbah show last month were in attendance, but then I realized they were really Guardian Angels! They were there cause The Guardian Angels are going to patrol our streets starting this weekend until A Stonewall Citizen's Patrol can be set up. So be on the lookout and give them a thumbs up if ya see any of them!

But really, the gist of the community meeting was this:
We must be proactive in our neighborhood. There are not enough police on patrol to stop crime on the front-end like in the past-- to break up any suspicious groups, catch slow cruisers with missing license plates and that sort of questionable activity. (Oh, I was soooo paying attention!)
1. Get involved in Neighborhood Watch.
2. Utilize the number for Crime Stoppers (1-888-580-8477) if you don't feel comfortable calling the police cause somebody's loitering on your dark street corner or your neighbor's on his meth rage again.
3. Simply be aware of your surroundings and cross the street if you don't feel comfortable with the kid walking near you.

Oh, and don't let people like me talk you into thinking it's okay for me to walk home at 1am by myself, even though it's only a 10 minute walk. K?