Monday, November 13, 2006

Hootenanny Guesses: More Educated

San Francisco has a "Not So Silent Night" Concert by Live 105 on the night before the Holiday Hootenanny. Of their artists, I'm gonna venture a guess that 94/9 secured The White Stripes and Hot Hot Heat. DCFC is off to Portland, and I don't think the Autolux fits their playlist, but I'm feeling solid with those two guesses. Anyone have better ideas?

I'm gonna hold the Killers as my third guess, as they are playing the same SF venue with the Raconteurs on December 8- two days before the Hootenanny. Also playing that night: The Shins and Modest Mouse. Is San Diego cool enough to get those guys in town? Shins were already here this year at Street Scene but their whole new album has been leaked all over the net so maybe they wanna promote and doesn't Modest Mouse owe it to us for cancelling from Street Scene? And with the addition of Johnny Marr, no less.

The last band I'm gonna throw out there are Silversun Pickups. They played here already at HoB sidestage and are playing tomorrow for $6, but I have a feeling maybe tomorrow and the Hootenanny are a package deal...a 2 for 1 if you will. I love them so I'm all over that.


Unknown said...

damn blogger ate my comment.

i got the dish but i can't confirm publicly. i will say that you got two bands right.

see if pyles will give it up to you at pop rocks tonight.

TR said...

Autolux? Where did that come from?? I would love to hear some of the new album, buthave not heard of any future tour.

But if were talking about LA bands what about BRMC and Blonde Redhead? I know there not originally from LA, but they would be great with Modest Mouse.