Thursday, November 09, 2006


Cat Dirt, I'm not trying to show you up with my calendar, I'm just trying to keep all the damn MySpace bulletins straight...

Tonight nobody has any reason to stay home. You can watch The OC on MySpace and you can watch Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy on

So many good, solid choices!

Republic of Letters and Exit @ San Diego Sports Club (supposedly RoL's last show of '06. I will most likely be at this show since I'm on the eternal guest list. Right, Adrian?)

A Scribe Amidst the Lions, Get Back Loretta, and Goodbye Blue Monday @ Belly Up. (If I didn't hate driving I would probably check this show out before the sports club)

Homeless Sexuals and The Postals @ The Brass Rail. Davit Buck seems shy if you meet him, but not so much when he's onstage rolling on the floor in little girls' panties.

Orion Frequency and Earthless @ The Casbah. I keep missing Orion Frequency but love their MySpace stuff. If you are a single chick, go to this show. For some reason, the jammy 20 minute songs of Earthless make their shows sausage fests.

I just saw this one posted, too:

Other stuff on Friday that I missed before:

iSociety! @ Beauty Bar. I definitely won't be there, as the last time I saw this band at that bar I had a panic attack because it was so damn crowded, but if you haven't seen them before, they tear up the outdoor stage at the Beauty Bar.

Hialeah, Japanese Sunday, and Fever Sleeves @ The Ken Club. Buzzworthy local bands that I have yet to see live. I usually make it a point to do last call at the Ken Club on most weekend nights, so maybe I'll catch some of the action.

Old Man Hands, The Wizard (?), Black Cloud and Broken Crow @ J Dewars Gallery. This is an art opening, from 7-10, featuring paintings by Peter Halasz. Everyone knows art openings usually feature free cheese and wine(my weaknesses).

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