Monday, November 06, 2006


Until I get a calendar feature working on here, I'll preview the things that have my interest this week:

Tonight, Monday: Poprocks @ Beauty Bar. Two bands I've never heard of, but I trust Tim.

Tuesday: Sia, The Bird and the Bee, and Greg Laswell. Greg cannot disappoint. The Bird and The Bee have lots of indie blogger nation buzz, and Sia was great in her role in Zero 7 and has supposedly become more upbeat than before.

Wednesday: CityBeat "Best of San Diego" issue release party at HoB as Andrea's plus one, from 6-9 (with free food and beer!), then walking over to Hard Rock San Diego for the KPRI private listener show with Ray LaMontagne.
All of that is followed by Fifty on Their Heels at Pussy Galore, but I don't know if I'll have anything left in me.

FIFTY ON THEIR HEELS go on at 11....

Thursday: I'll probably stay home, but I'd like to see A Scribe Amidst the Lions, Get Back Loretta, and Goodbye Blue Monday at the Belly Up, but cost + commute +going out every other night= not freaking likely.

Friday: My best friend and her husband are coming to town, so it really depends on what they are up for, but I would love to see the show at the Casbah with The Rugburns, Rookie Card, and Steve Poltz playing solo. This may or may not happen, as I've mentioned.

Saturday: Shon Sullivan, aka Goldenboy, is doing an instore at M-Theory at 3. I met him when he opened for Neil Finn a few years ago at 4th and B and he was nice and I took a zillion pics of him. There are a shitload of shows that night, take your pick. I'll again, have to see what Neil and Alex want to do.

Here's some of them:
Brandtson & The Myriad @ SOMA
FM 94/9 4th Anniversary with The Hold Steady, Sparta and OK, Go! @ 4th and B (sold out)
Sirhan Sirhan, This Year Stereo, Viva in Stereo with Lands On Fire @ The Ken Club

And the week is still young...

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catdirt said...

you're doing your weekly events posting on TUESDAY? talk about uping the ante in the san diego blog community. cdw & i will be at the city beat awards thingie. do you have details on the food and/or drink that will be supplied? i'm most curious.