Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Poprocks is Dead

I didn't want to say anything until it was announced formally, but last night Tim told me that come the new year, he will no longer be booking Monday nights at the Beauty Bar. Instead, he will be helping out to possibly get a Monday night thing going at the Casbah, and local shows billed to fill in on nights when there are no touring acts.

The last official Poprocks! night at the
Beauty Bar will be December 11th!

I will begin a new night at the Casbah on
Janaury 8th!

It won't be Poprocks! anymore, but it will
be something!

I will also be doing most of the local
booking at the Casbah from now on!

I will be needing more and more

Thanks for your support and I look forward
to seeing you at the Casbah in 2007!

Tim Pyles

Very nice. Another solid promoter leaves the Beauty Bar. Sad for them, good for us. Also, this gives more opportunity for local bands to play at the Casbah instead of surrendering to Tony at SDSC. I think the room there is great, as is the stage and the sound (as long as Rodney is handling it) but man, can you dig your own grave any faster?

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catdirt said...

any guess as to one of the bands that will be opening the brand! new! tim pyles shows at the casbah? stay tuned at catdirtsez for th 411.