Monday, November 13, 2006

My music weekend recap

So with all my music recommendations, you didn't think I stayed home, did you?

My Friday started out with a burger and some beers at Rocky's which is the perfect way to start any weekend. After some in between time, Andrea and I headed to J Dewars Gallery to see the art of Peter Halensz. The bio said he was raised in SD, dropped out of school and lived on the street, on couches, and got into a drug and rock n roll culture. Being that he was in the scene back in the day, there were several musicians there. It made me realize how diverse the music scene is in San Diego. The art was amazing (though a relatively small collection of pieces) and Old Man Hands impressed me thoroughly. They had an accordion, mandolin, violin, guitar, and a drum box and had some friends help out with guitars in a couple of their songs. If I didn't have plans on Saturday night, I would've gone to the Che to see them again on Saturday. I met Gabe, the main vocalist and I look forward to seeing them again so I can pick up a CD.

After the gallery I went to the Rookie Card, AM Vibe & Rugburns show at the Casbah. I love Rookie Card...Adam never disappoints on stage. This was my first time seeing AM Vibe. Porter, who works at the Casbah, is in the band. They were really good, too. The Female vocalist reminded me of the Sundays. When Steve and The Rugburns came out, I have to admit I wasnt' that impressed. I've known Steve for 13 years and have been to a LOT of Rugburns shows, so maybe that is my problem- maybe I set the bar too high? Or maybe it's true that he's less "crazy" in his sobriety? I don't know but there was something lacking in the set and I wasn't the only one to leave early. I made it to the Ken Club for last call but the bands were done, so nothing to report there.

Saturday I skipped out on music. I didn't make it to Goldenboy at M-Theory. I did hang out at the Ken Club for most of the night (minus a couple hours at trivia night at Dennis') but never made it over to This Year Zero, Sirhan Sirhan, and Viva in Stereo, but it was loud and sounded good from the bar. The bar was mostly empty, so maybe people everyone was at the 94/9 show. I don't really know. But I guess we should be thankful we weren't playing shuffleboard at the Jewel Box.

As I wrote yesterday, Sunday was all about brunch, shopping, football and trivia. How was the beauty pageant? Don't forget to check out the Mints and Vinyl Radio tonight. It's gonna start early and it will be good. I promise.

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