Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Beauty Bar, The Tower Bar, 11/6

I've deleted all my fliers until I can resize them. I'm lazy right now. I didn't really plan on drinking last night, but Bryant was behind the bar at the Beauty Bar and he hooked up my first one. Troy Johnson and Scott Richison of FoxRox were there with Dan (from Cooler mail) We hung out a while. I'm just gonna skip a review on the bands because I am not ready to slam anyone. I will say the "bands" were not really "bands". The first guy (no introductions so I have no idea which he was) was an Asian dude in a red Michael Jackson-like jacket with a laptop and a voice reminiscent of Fields of the Niphilim. The second act was a dude on guitar and a dude on bass and another iBook with screensavers as their backdrop. Their drumbeats were really tinny. Jason was digging it, but he got there later, when the guitarist moved back behind a drumkit and had the iBook switched to playing some synthesized music. Scott, Troy and Dan all left, each leaving me their beers. (I had like $5 and I don't waste booze. What can I say?) Funny thing right now: Cold War Kids "We Used to Vacation" is on my stream of Indie 103.1. (Lyric: I promised to my wife and children, I'd never take another drink as long as I live")

Anyhow, Jason and I stuck around until the "band" finished and decided to go to the Tower Bar for Lady Dottie and The Diamonds. It was a typically jammed house and she never disappoints. The floor was kinda nasty with beer all over, but the kids were shaking their booties, so I guess that's all that matters.

For the record, I was home by 1 but stayed up to watch The Daily Show. What is wrong with me??? I'm gonna be dead at Sia tonight.

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