Friday, November 10, 2006

Republic of Letters & Exit, SDSC 11/9

There was so much going on last night! If you went out, I wanna hear about the bands you saw.

I opted for Republic of Letters and Exit at the San Diego Sports Club. As I approached the bar, I could hear Exit already in their set, and my first impression was that the singer sounded like Eve Selis without the drawl. Inside watching these 4 chicks rock the stage I could see their U2 influence. They were enjoyable and there were plenty of people there to catch them.

Republic of Letters took the stage around 11. In other forums I've mentioned how much I like this band, not because we're friends, but because they remind me of my all time favorite local band, Blacksmith Union. In the early 90's I would go to pretty much every Blacksmith all ages show that I could, and while they haven't been around for a long time, I still listen to the CDs I have.

But back to Republic of Letters. They have been in the studio a lot, writing new music and preparing to record their ep which should be released sometime in January if everything goes as planned. There were some minor flubs...some feedback at random times and Chris had some trouble with the mic stand, but really other than that I thought they were great. The crowd was into it, and everytime I see them, the crowd grows. There was even some dancing going on. What is also cool is to see other local band members in support...Kelly and Dave of Kite Flying Society, Adam of Rookie Card, and Marie Haddad, a local solo performer. (happy birthday, Marie!) Catch these guys when you can (though supposedly this was their last show of '06) and look out for their EP.

After the set, Jason and I bailed to try to catch Orion Frequency at the Casbah. Earthless was already playing, so we drove back to SDSC, stopping off at the Brass Rail. If anyone is not convinced that there are "straight" nights there, you should've seen last night's crowd...Miggs from Taang! was spinning records and the patio was brimming with the usual Tower Bar/Zombie Lounge/Ken Club Tues crowd. We said hi to some friends but as the band took the stage and the energy level started to escalate, we decided to go back to SDSC so Jason could finish his drink he'd ordered before we took off. Once we were there we sorta lost momentum and after a half hour I decided to call it a night. I was home by one.

So where were you last night? The Casbah? Belly Up? Coors Amphitheater for Motley Crue and Aerosmith? Winston's for Cape May? Beauty Bar? Live Wire? Let's hear it!

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andrew said...

Coors and Winstons, a big one indeed. Andrea pushed me into some bushes, we snuck into good seats, I smoked with a buddy from vegitation in the back alley....and Rose Hill Drive a mighty strong 3 piece to see.