Sunday, November 12, 2006

Crash at the Jewel Box last night

This is from Pete, bartender at the Ken Club:

So us three went down to the Jewel Box to celebrate our friend Jen's
birthday. Todd and Wes were inside and I was outside smoking with
Alyssa. All of a sudden you here this big crash. This is what

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Todd said he was standing around near where the fireman is in the
second picture. Luckily no one was seriously injuried. Dave Dick was
working and did a great job of taking control of the scene. I just hope
everything works out for the bar and its staff because this is a cool little
hang out that I hadnt been to in a while. And to anyone that was hurt,
which I think was only one girl, get well soon.

The Jewel Box just won best dive bar in San Diego in the CityBeat Best of issue. Let's hope it all works out for Holly, Dave and the rest of the crew.


Ryan Taylor said...

this is the best blog in san diego by far. Kick ass.

catdirt said...

yeah- dude- great story! it made the union tribune, too- but i like your version better.