Monday, November 20, 2006

Things To Do: Monday, November 20, 2006


Free Show! Casbah! Grand Ol Party! Buddy Akai! Tenderbuttons! Shake your ass...I haven't seen Tenderbuttons, but Grand Ol Party has been a standout as one of the best acts of the year locally (and we'll call them local even though they all moved here from SF). Buddy Akai is amazing. The first time I saw them at the Ken Club I was angry that only 8 or so people were in the room. Now they are playing HUGE shows in Mexico with the likes of Plastilina Mosh and Kinky. The other bonus about this show: Everybody gets a free ticket to see the Faint @ 4th and B on December 6. I'll be there tonight. (Not drinking, thank you very much.)

If that's not your thing and you don't care about the Faint or dancing or whatever, Poprocks! by Tim Pyles will still have its regualar thing at the Beauty Bar for a couple more weeks, so tonight you can check out Solare and Ovals of Cassini. Also Free.

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