Monday, November 06, 2006

More stolen equipment

I've noticed lately several bands posting that their shit has been stolen from shows, venues and hotels. The Spits equipment was stolen from their secured storage facility. Damone is only on tour still because the other bands are allowing them to borrow their equipment.

Here's the latest:

Sorry for the bad news on monday morning, but
our friends La Rocca had their gear AND their van stolen this morning in
Philadelphia. Here's a list of what's missing in case you have any info/help to
offer:CAR - WHITE DODGE RAM VANLicense 3VN W138INSTRUMENTS (most in cases and
with La Rocca stenciled on side)Roland XP30 (BP56576)Yamaha P60
(UALJO1238)Rickenbacker 4005 Bass (23884)Fender Precision Bass (B157333)Ampeg
Bass Cabinet 8x10Ashdown Bass Head 500 (21094-03GS)Yamaha Oak Custom Drum
KitFender Telecaster (M23004737)Gibson L6-S (501266)Martin DXK2 Dreadnought
AcousticTanglewood Acoustic (TWOSJCE-LH)Fender DeVille Twin Amplifier
(B-213552)Line 6 Delay Modeler PedalBoss Tuner Pedal x 3Boss Overdrive Pedal If
you have any info, please shoot us a myspace msg and we'll pass it on.

If I remember correctly, this is the second time I've seen a posting about Philly. What the fuck, people? I wonder, is there a way of microchipping your gear? Or Lo-Jack for guitars? I don't know, but it seems like for as much money as people spend on equipment, it is worth protecting more than just insurance, because we know how fucked up insurance companies can be. The really lame thing is when you see all this equipment on sale on Craig's List or e-Bay. May the karma result in the thieves stuck in hell having to listen to Celine Dion on repeat for all eternity.

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