Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pete Yorn update

I just called the Hard Rock downtown to see if there were still Pete Yorn passes available. It should be no shock that they are all gone.

Here's the conversation:

"Thanks for calling Hard Rock, how can I
rock your world?"

"I'm calling to see if the Pete Yorn
passes ever arrived and if they did, if there are any left."

"No, they're all gone. They came

"I know, I was the second person
there. The guy told me he couldn't make a list even though we were the 2nd
and 3rd ones there."

"Yeah, we're not allowed to hold'em.

Am I mistaken to call bullshit? A "hold" would be calling in and saying "save one for me" wouldn't it? Not getting the announcement, walking there, finding out they aren't there yet, and then missing out when they did finally arrive. Am I wrong here?


catdirt said...

pete? yorn? who is this mystical creature? he is... a musician... apparently...

Unknown said...

"Thanks for calling Hard Rock, how can I
rock your world?"

Is that really how they answer the phone...????

I wonder how many meetings they had before they decided on that.

Rosemary Bystrak said...

I wish I was joking but that is how the girl answered the phone, which is why I though the conversation was worth transcribing.

andrea said...

You are so right it's hurting my left hand... Unfortunately, many times when dealing with a corporate structure like that, employees don't have the leeway, or the drive, to go "against" some predetermined rule. So instead of dude or phone girl actually thinking and taking into account the extenuating circumstances surrounding the "Pete Yorn Pass Ordeal", they revert back to the closest rule they know of and apply it to that situation, whether it's a good fit or not. And in the end, you get assed out. Sah-reeee!!