Monday, November 27, 2006

Guest Blog: Dustin of Cape May

Dustin has sent me his recount of Saturday night since I couldn't bring myself to leave the warmth of my down comforter. Note to self: all the good stuff happens when you decide to stay home. I have edited nothing except the spelling of my name. Enjoy!

Hi Rosey, I meant to send you this e-mail
yesterday, but I was too lazy playing poker on the world-wide-web and watching
12 hours of the Back to the Future* trilogy (commercials included). Before that
I’ve been in a two week codine daze trying to configure Protools to stream porn
during playback.

The official word on Cape May is pending a
callback from Family Feud. We are taking December to explore other creative
outlets: table tennis, gypsy catching, sparking microwaves through compact
diskettes. Who knows what New Years resolutions are yet to come? We may have to
explore the avenue of avant-garde jazz, nu-metal fusion to stay current with pop
culture music tastes.

On Saturday, I went with Andrew and Andrea to
Mates of States at Epicentre Teen Center. It was 9:30 and we were drinking Early
Times Whiskey outside in the truck and I heard female vocals protruding from the
club. The show was 15 bucks and my mom only gave me $10 for the show, so we
explored the schematics of the structure and found a port hole into the action
from outside. Some dream of a lovely brat broke the glass on the windows right
behind the stage, so we leaned a metal object against the wall and enjoyed the
show for free.

photos by Andrea Z.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Even though I had to strain my neck to avoid looking
deep into the eyes of scandalizing 15 year old honeys and the arse of the
drummist, the cost savings and stage mix made the show worthwhile.
We chatted among Adam Rookie and Kite Flying Kelly and
played a little Foosball before hitting The Casbah for the new UV lineup.

While we were drinking more Early Times outside
of The Casbah, I spilt 12-13 ounces of booze upon Andrea, just in time for her
birthday…what a jerk. Apparently she had another drink upon her by the nights
end. We quietly ran into Campaign for King’s Only Nate and gave him a ride home,
on our way home we saw a man walking with nothing but a fur coat and off-white
bvd’s…sounds like a late-night Hillcrest booty call gone awry.

*Back to the Future 2 doesn’t make sense. When
the futuristic Biff (who steals the almanac) goes to the past to deliver the
booklet to young 1955 Biff, he would have changed the future and returned to an
era where he was rich and powerful and Marty and Doc would cease to exist. But
instead he gives the almanac to Biff and returns to the same future he left
before leaving in the time machine.


davidfennema said...

Those are nice photos.

andrea said...

That 12-13 ounces of spilt booze made the start of my birthday, my scent and the UV Tigers all the more memorable. It ain't everyday a girl gets to watch a kick-ass band with pre-moistened panties!