Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thangsgiving Recap

Ok, so I pooped out this weekend and only went to half the shows I intended to, but such is life when family is in town and my nap schedule is thrown off. (I know, I sound like a toddler, but I count on my naps.)

Wednesday night was spent drinking at Sara's with my cousin until they both threw on their pajamas and I walked to the Ken Club. I only caught Deadbolt, "the scariest band in the world." I've seen Deadbolt a million times over the years and their surf rock brand of punk is consistent and still draws a large crowd show after show. They always manage to pull off their look with lighting and the ever famous ray-ban sunglasses worn by all members on stage. Anders, who taught me tennis when I was a tween rocks the stage and I still get the little flutter of a crush we all had on him when he was behind the tennis basket teaching us forehands, backhands and approach shots. If you've never seen Deadbolt then it's hard to claim you're into local music but it's never too late and you'll see them around town every 6 months or so, usually with the Creepy Creeps and Sin Sin 77. (are ss77 still around??)

Friday was the Firethorn, I Like Girls and Infants show, though I'm sorry I missed Firethorn. I realized as I Like Girls went into "this new song we wrote" and they played "Where is my mind?" that I've seen them before and their Pixies cover is actually really good. They don't take themselves too serious on stage which makes them a fun band to watch and I imagine even more fun in a slightly more crowded room. They would probably be really fun to watch at a house party with the Sess or Powerchords because even though the music is different, they are having fun and should have a couple red solo cups being tossed around the room while they play.

The Infants are a very consistent band and I've seen them several times because I am friends with Ricky and Rene, the brothers that make up two thirds of the band. They play originals as well as on occasion throwing in a Beatles cover (Helter Skelter) or some Stones. As I previously mentioned, I was allowed behind the soundboard for the last few songs and since I know the songs enough, I knew when to alter the guitar feed into the monitor. Yay, Rosey! Actually it made me realize how important it can be for a sound person to know the music that they're mixing but I will never claim mad skills in that department.

Saturday night I didn't go out at all because I was wiped from all the family stuff of the weekend, but we did make our way in the afternoon to the Ken Cinema for "Shut Up and Sing", the documentary about the Dixie Chicks. Seeing the Dixie Chicks from the night of their show in England when Natalie said "I'd just like to say that I'm ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas" to the last 3 years in their career was really fascinating to watch. They edited the timeline well to show how what was happening to them syncs up with what was happening politically and makes them look extremely prescient when you consider the death trap that Iraq has become to both our soldiers and the citizens of Iraq. Not to spoil the movie, but there's a scene where Natalie is watching the news and Bush is blabbering and she goes "what a dumbfuck" then looks straight into the camera and says, "You're a dumbfuck". I'm not usually a fan of clapping in a theater but this was hard to resist. The film shows some concert footage, their recording sessions in Los Angeles, their families and kids on the road with them, and the birth of twins to Emily, and a lot of the political fallout. Natalie Maines is a firecracker, speaking her mind and never backing down, and the way the band stands behind her is inspiring. I highly recommend seeing the movie, just don't have the misfortune of sitting in front of someone who feels the need to belt out every song.

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