Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Monday Recap: Shawn Colvin- KPRI Private Listener Concert

I have mentioned many times that KPRi is one of my favorite stations in San Diego. The fact that it's privately owned and very involved in the community and all the special events they have for listeners clearly outweighs the fact that they still regularly play Steely Dan, the one band I despise most on this planet. I like the AAA format and it's a good deviation from the usual indie/alt stuff I listen to.

Last night, the station had a private listener concert at the Hard Rock featuring Shawn Colvin. Shawn is a multiple grammy nominee and has always had a voice I've enjoyed. Not stuff I necessarily buy, but I'll sing along when I hear her on the radio. I think part of what I like about her is that I had a teacher who taught us history through music in grade school...mostly coal mining type songs, and while Shawn isn't country, you can transplant her voice to the hymns of the 1800s and imagine her a coal miner's wife.

This was my first time seeing her live. I arrived at 8, she started at 8:30, and unlike many of the private shows, she wasn't playing another venue later so she played a full set.

The first time I ever heard Shawn, I was in high school and had gotten some sampler at the ASR trade show. The song on it was "Riding Shotgun Down The Avalanche."

Here is Shawn performing that song.

She was a really personable performer. Early in the set her voice cracked mid song, so she stopped the song and started over. After the song she pointed out that the crowd gets quiet when that happens. "People are like, 'she fucked up'," she pointed out,"but at least it's an icebreaker."

Later while tuning her guitar, she commented on the awards season. "First of all, everyone loves a rags to riches story so Jennifer Hudson is all lovely, but the Mexican ladies in Babel? Robbed. Robbed. Robbed." She continued that "Crazy" was more deserving of Record of the Year. Later in the set, she played a cover of Crazy, but I didn't wanna miss too much of the show at the Casbah, so I left after 45 minutes of her playing, when she was about three-quarters of a way through her setlist.

It was a nice start to what turned out to be a great evening...

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