Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wednesday Newsy Bits

There is so little news today, it feels like the music world has stopped while everyone makes their way down to SXSW. All I know is that if "The Secret" works, this time next year, I'll be in Texas, too. (Um, totally kidding about the Secret)
Fox Rox has officially been canceled which bums me out. I'd like to see an online edition but Troy's got his hands full with his other two jobs, so not likely. Maybe we can get someone to videotape the Tim Pyles Sessions?
I'm not going to SXSW, but my friend Kristian is. He will be guest blogging this week on this very site with pics and reviews from the festival. I mean, he said he would, assuming he finds some moments of serenity and sobriety. His music tastes are much broader than mine so he should add some good perspective. He was the one who turned me on to PB&J months ago, in addition to
Fujiya & Miyagi. The boy knows his shit and he knows it before most people.
That's all I've got today. Coming later, my recap of Scolari's last night. In the name of the father, the son...

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Unknown said...

Thanks, Rosey. Of course, blogs like yours are the reason it's OK if Fox Rox goes out... covering the Paddle Boat and Soul-Junk and all that you cover. You rock immensely.