Saturday, March 31, 2007

Saturday in Beautiful San Diego: New North County Venue, Free Mew Tickets

There are few worse ways to spend a beautiful afternoon in sunny San Diego than sitting on a computer, so this one is gonna be really brief. I'll get to the regular recap later but the quick summary of my Friday is that Sophie and I pulled the rare 5-spots-in-one-night action: free booze at Wine Cabana, Cloak at the Habitat House, A Weeks Worth and Dynamite Walls at the Beauty Bar, The Corvinas and The Husbands at the Tower, and a nightcap at the Ken Club. In addition, there was a mini after party at my place till 4 am. Later I intend to extend my "things to do" through next week, but for now, a couple hot newsy bits:

This is not a statement of fact, just some gossip I heard last night, but Matt Hensley, pro skater and member of Flogging Molly, has purchased Squid Joe's in Carlsbad. From what I'm told, he intends to make it a more viable north county music venue by creating a stage area and investing in some good sound equipment. The new club will be called the Pink Elephant. It just might get this girl to venture north of the 8 a little more frequently... Jay Allen Sanford, you know where to send my check :)

Lou's records sent out this little offer:

Purchase the newest MEW album, "And the Glass Handed Kites" and recieve a free ticket to see them live at the Belly Up on Sunday, April 4th. You must be 21 years of age or older to get into the show. We will email you when you can pick up your tickets at the store once your order has been processed.

Actually, the show is on Sunday, April 8th, so you have time to get your online order in for the CD. Click
here for their site.

That's all I've got for now; time to go bake in the sun with my dog.

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