Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thursday Newsy Bits

Last night, Andrea and I went to the Broadway San Diego performance of The Altar Boyz at the Civic Theatre after grabbing some cheap food at Ra's happy hour. The show is actually very funny and full of double entendre and also makes you squirm a little at the whole cheesy boy band thing. It's a lot of music, but there is a story behind the music, as well. I think the choreographer must've had a fun time incorporating every cheesy dance move from the last 20 years (i.e. the Milli Vanilla kick thingie...) If you're into theatre, this was a fun contemporary show and there are tickets available for all remaining shows. The run ends on Sunday. Afterword I nixed my Beauty Bar plans and instead opted for sleep. I forgot what it felt like to get more than 4.5 hours of sleep in a night. zzzzz..... Tonight will start off with FM 94/9 at the Museum of Art for the Annie Liebowitz show. See you there.
As commented by , Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have announced a US tour. San Diego will be the second stop on the tour on May 6 at House of Blues. You can go here and register for presale. The opening act will be iPod commercial band The Fratellis. You can also go to their site and listen to two tracks from their album.
I'm a south county girl and rarely cover north county stuff, but this is from today's North County Times:

Luke Chandler and Sam Ilich, who ran an all-ages Tuesday-night series of
concerts at Escondido's THEATRX theater last summer and fall, are getting ready
to kick off a new season of music.

On March 10, Chandler and Ilich's newly named Theatre-X Presents promotions
company is hosting an all-ages two-stage show at Experience Studios in
Chandler said he and Ilich are planning to host shows at a new venue set to
open near San Diego State in the fall. You can find details of all their
upcoming plans at their Web site,

I think I've made it pretty clear on this site that I'm all about stuff that is free or at least a bargain. If you're the same, you might wanna consider registering for Goldstar Events. You basically designate up to three zip codes and anytime there's something going on, you get an e-mail with the Goldstar price. A lot of the events are small theatre performances, comedy shows, and city tours and harbor cruises, but they also recently added half price Padres tickets for Monday night games. Most of the prices are half price from what you'd spent at the respective box offices. If you're interested in registering, click here.
A friend of mine is in a short film that is in competition for a reality show competition (something like Project Green Light.) If you'd like to help him out by voting for his short, please watch it here.
Finally, Bright Eyes Conor Oberst is supposed to be on NPR's All Things Consiered this afternoon. You can listen locally on KPBS at 3pm. Click here. The archive will be on the NPR site by 4:30 pm here.


Mary said...

Glad you liked Altar Boyz. Maybe it's the ex-boyband-fan in me that makes me find something funny to laugh at whenever I see it, but it's definitely a fun show to watch. Wish I could see it on tour though; I've heard fantastic things about the Tour Boyz!

Tamra said...

very nice that you love the boyz... they really bring happiness to your life!