Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday Newsy Bits

Finally, some information about the Morrissey on-sale:
Morrissey With special guest Kristeen Young
Sunday, June 3, 2007
Viejas Concerts at Bayside
On sale Saturday, March 31 at 10am

Who knew? NME reports that Victor Willis, the "police officer" from The Village People was arrested this weekend in San Diego for choking his girlfriend and threatening her with a knife. Really when I read this I was just puzzled. Girlfriend? I thought the whole thing with the Village People was that they were gay. Guess not.
Tony Lovato, singer of pop punk band Mest, has been arrested. He allegedly stabbed and killed his ex-girlfirend's new boyfriend. His bail has been set at a million dollars. An old friend of mine was the manager of Mest a long time ago and a couple times they'd come to San Diego (usually with Goldfinger) and I hung out with them. Not really enough to make a judgment, but seemed like a cool enough kid. Any way you look at this news really, its just tragic.

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