Monday, March 05, 2007

Monday Newsy Bits

If you missed them last year, don't make the same mistake twice: Manu Chao is coming back to Viejas Bayside Concerts at the Embarcadero on June 5. This was one of my top 10 shows of last year and frankly, Bayside is such a fun venue, you should catch as many shows there as you can. Get some friends, bring some blankets, smuggle a flask, and you are good to go.
From MySpace: Grand Ol Party is recording in LA right now, with the album expected to drop late summer/early fall. They are playing a Filter Magazine showcase for SXSW and are playing between Bright Eyes and Great Northern. Don't miss their homecoming show at the Casbah with Mr. Tube and his Flying Objects and The Muslims
Scott, aka CatDirt, has slowly been leaking information about MayDay. Check out his blog for vague specifics (haha). Save next Sunday for another Staring At The Sun showcase at the Starlight Bowl. A sweet venue is coming back to life, you should be a part of it. Sunday's event is free and all ages and all attendees get the Staring At The Sun CD.
Did you happen to catch "The Winner" last night? There's that exagerrated audience laughter going on, but god, do I love Rob Cordrry and his Cordrry-isms. It's also a good glance back at 1994. I hope the show lasts. Judging by the overnight numbers, it doesn't look good.

Black Sabbath has just announced a tour and will be stopping in Chula Vista at Coors Amphitheater on April 26, with tickets on sale this weekend and available in pre-sale on Wednesday.
Looks like that's the news. Oh, except for a tabloid reporting that Britney has 666 on her head and she ran around rehab yelling that she's the antichrist and that she tried to commit suicide. It's amazing how a tabloid reported it but hundreds of news sources are citing it as fact. I don't personally believe the story, but media power can be a scary thing. You can watch the interviews and almost see Anna Nicole pushed to the brink. It would be beyond tragic if the same is to happen to Brit. Love her or hate her, she's grown up in front of millions and every move she makes under heavy scrutiny. There are two little kids who need their mom to be healthy and sane and this media attention trluy helps nobody.

Stepping off my soapbox and wishing you a lovely day...

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