Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tuesday Newsy Bits: The Sess get a label, Arcade Fire, Absynthe Minded

You probably know Action Jackson from the great shows he puts on at Scolari's, The Ché Café. and occassionally other venues like the Ken Club. Or maybe you know him for his band The Vision of A Dying World. Now you can add label owner to his credentials. Craig of the Powerchords and Jackson are starting a label called Single Screen Records. The first album they put out will be from local boys The Sess. Jackson says they will focus mostly on the San Diego market in both bands and promotion, booking and sales.
Bad news from Arcade Fire. This is the letter posted by Win on the band's website:

Hello Friends,
I am backstage at the venue in Oslo and I just had to make the very sad decision to cancel the rest of the European tour. I have been suffering from a sinus and bronchial infection for the last 3 months, and last night in Stockholm I finally pushed my voice and body farther than they are able to go. Last night I kept yelling at the monitor guy because I didn't recognize the sound that was coming out of the monitor as my own voice, and it took me until the second song to realize that the sound was coming from me. Today I can barely speak, or make any sound, so finishing the shows is no longer possible.
I have had several doctors advise me to cancel shows weeks ago, and I have been trying to push through, but for my own health and safety I need to have sinus surgery so I can get better and start the recovery process. We are all very sad, because we were very much looking forward to playing these shows, and we could not imagine cancelling a show unless it was physically impossible to do. We apologize to the fans that have been waiting to see us, and we promise to try and come back as soon as it is humanly possible...
We would like to thank everyone who has been coming to the shows, and the outpouring of love and support for our music that we have felt. Wish me luck with the doctors,
And see you soon

There is no other information, but as yet, no American dates have been cancelled. And let's hope that none of the dates are dropped.
Not that this really clears anything up, but Dinosaur Jr. is reuniting but when they start the tour at the Casbah, the show is listed as J Mascis and Friends. The Casbah newsletter says "May 10th you might as well call it Dinosaur Jr, but it is listed as J Mascis and Friends! Although all shows billed immediately after the Casbah show are listed as Dinosaur Jr..." Um, thanks for clarifying.
I never make a big deal about MySpace friend requests from bands. I listen and sample the music, and approve or deny based brashly based on how I feel about a song in the first 20 or 30 seconds. Today I got a request from a band called Absynthe Minded from Belgium that I am really digging. You might, too. Check them out here. Vocally, they kinda remind me of Midlake. They're signed to Universal in Belgium.

Some of today's new releases:
Kaiser Chiefs- Yours Truly, Angry Mobsters
John Butler Trio- Grand National
Kate Havenevik- Melankton (good for fans of Imogen Heap)
Grant Lee Phillips- Strangelet (playing at the Belly Up April 23)
The Klaxons- Myths of the Near Future
Black Wax is putting together a compilation CD of local San Diego music. Here's the blog about it:

We are currently working on a local music compilation that will be available at Black Wax in El Cajon, Ca along with other suppliers! The CD will be available in about 2 months and will feature a variety of different musical tastes! It will be co-sponsored by local music supporting companies and bands! The CD will be most likely free but if not then it will be dirt cheap. We are working out all the details now and will soon have more info and updates including the names of some of the bands featured on the compilation! If you are a band or company that would like to co-sponsor this project then just send us a message and let us know! The more sponsors, the more copies of the CD can be made and distributed. So all of you music fans and local music supporters keep your eyes and eyes open for updates and you can anticipate an amazing compilation of music!

That's a lot of! Exclamation Points! But if you're interested in contacting them, click here for the MySpace page.


milsom said...

i am going to add you as a friend, and if you deny me from listening to 10 seconds of some songs i recorded years ago, well then, so be it.

Rosemary Bystrak said...

haha. local bands/musicians/artists/companies never get denied, but in case you care, i like the music on your site, so request approved.

milsom said...

i really didn't mean for that to sound so bitchy. i was attempting to be funny, but it didn't work.

i do enjoy your blog, though, and admire your ceaseless support of local music. i'm too old to do it... but i appreciate what you do here. it gives me a good heads up on things that are happening.

catdirt said...

hey- the um... action jackson/craig power chords record label? this deserves closer focuse... but your primacy with the story is duly noted.