Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wednesday Newsy Bits

I had few newsy bits yesterday, so I just didn't post, and there's not much today, either, but here's a couple things that might be of interest to you.

San Diego bands that headed to Austin for SXSW (officially and unofficially) are back and recharging. Matt (Vinyl Radio) said they had a great time played a ton of shows and will fill me in on details this week. Dynamite Walls played and have some cool photoblogs on their MySpace here. If your band has info, send it my way via the links on the right.
I posted a listing about a midnight movie at the Ken Theatre on Saturday being put on by Action Jackson. Just an FYI, that has been cancelled. I'll get to updating all the other listings later this evening.
Last week, I posted a message from the band The Colour Revolt whose stuff got stolen in Dallas on their way to SXSW. The van and trailer have been recovered (empty) and some of their equipment has turned up at pawn shops in the region. Police are still investigating and trying to track down more stuff, but it is a good lesson to register all your serial numbers so in the event that some punk ganks your shit, you are somewhat protected.
Local bands getting press:


The Locust's New Erections: The inaccessible art/noise band holed up with producer Alex Newport (Melvins, the Mars Volta) for their third undertaking. But breaking with their own tradition of breaking tradition, the San Diego spazz-outs made longer songs this time — that's right, don't expect "One Manometer Away From Mutually Assured Relocation" or "God Wants Us All to Work in Factories" to last less than a minute.

Pitchfork Media:

Once upon a time,
Rob Crow played in a San Diego trio called Heavy Vegetable (Remember: assonance was a cool thing in the early 90s). Crow would go on to do Pinback, Three Mile Pilot, the Ladies, Goblin Cock, solo stuff, and, sure, a few dozen other bands in the process, while the other members of Heavy V-- drummer Manolo Turner and bassist Travis Nelson-- pursued similarly intense careers in professional gardening and monk-dom, respectively/allegedly. Vocalist Eléa Tenuta, meanwhile, later played with Crow in Thingy.

Fiddle While You Burn (blog):

Earthless @ Vice Saves Texas- F-ing mind blowing!! I'll write more about this later but these guys from San Diego absolutely killed with a sound that reminded me of a (perhaps) heavier Comets on Fire. Earthless were easily one of the 5 best bands I saw all week in Austin.

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