Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Newsy Bits

According to True To You, a Morrissey Zine, all tickets for Morrissey's forthcoming US tour will be onsale on 31st March.
I love blogs. I love blogging. I love when I write about a band's performance, and then that band turns around and writes about the show. Case in point, a couple weeks ago I wrote a band called Modern State that played at Scolari's that I liked. A lot. Well, here's what Modern State has to say about that night:

march 13, san diego, california @ scolari’s office

still in the den of
evil that is all of southern califirnia, san diego has at least a few redeeming
qualities. notably, burritos and the many nice folks who live there. truly, what
separates many a shit-hole from another lies entirely in the mentality of a
place. whatever it is, i have experienced san diegans to be consistently good
folks over the years.

scowling behind the bar when we arrived, ritchie
(or the easier to remember t-bone, if you prefer) became a free-beer slingin’
superstar once he realized we were the out-of-towners on the bill. praise be. i
was a little worried about the show at first, no other bands having been asked
to play it at about 3 weeks to go, so i sent out some emails to the few san
diego rockers i know. and it worked out. big thanks to rafter and andrew for the
good words...

Not bad considering his disdain for SoCal (typical of Portland). You should see what he says about LA.
I don't really go outta my way to write about what I think you should listen to, but there are a few bands that I really think you should at least listen to on MySpace and at least consider attending their shows.

The first is Pop Noir. An unsigned band from LA, the band has been called the band to watch in The Rockit Magazine, a tastemaker mag in LA. Have a listen to their songs on MySpace. They've got some good indie/electro songs and will be perfect for Morgan's birthday before we are wowed by Silverbird.

On Sunday, I'm actually skipping out on my boys in Swim Party to head to Brick by Brick for The Small Hours. I have a weakness for Brits (even though only have the band is British), what can I say? I also really like Brick By Brick as a venue and want to show up in a small way to encourage more of the indie rock bookings and less of the cover band and metal stuff. Plus, it's only $5. Words you never thought you'd see me type, right?
I'm taking a 3 day weekend so I hope to see everyone out. I'll be posting between all the fun so check back in.

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