Friday, December 21, 2007

Dear Santa,

You know, Santa, I've never really asked you for much. I mean, when I was a kid and you brought me dolls, I donated them to other kids who would appreciate them more than I would have. Well, except for the time when you brought my sister and I that awesome Teddy Ruxpin, but he doesn't really count as a doll. And we promised to take care of him and we did. And he's still around! And he still works!

Anyway, Santa, you know that in the Northern Hemisphere it's winter. It's not too cold here, but it's not hot by any means. Wouldn't you know it that my car has been overheating. In Winter! This just ain't good. I think she's trying to tell me something. So I guess I have to take her in and get a new radiator which is gonna cost about $250 and it's kinda bumming me out. So I was wondering if you can drop a car by on your way around the world. Nothing fancy, just maybe less of a beater than my Mazda. I don't have a chimney, so you can just park it outside.

If that's not gonna happen, you think maybe you could sprinkle some reindeer dust on my car so nothing else falls apart?


p.s. There are some chocolate dipped cookies on the table that have your name on them.

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