Monday, December 03, 2007

Happy Monday!

The day job has me super busy once again, so I'll be behind in posting, but here's what you can look forward to:

1. Things To Do In San Diego list. This will be my priority this evening- but you know the drill- VHS or Beta at The Casbah, acoustic stuff at Dublin Square, Electric Waste Band at Winston's.

2. Recaps:

  • Pictures from The Swedish Models & Blackout Party show at the Casbah (Friday)
  • Pictures from Secret Apollo at the Ken Club (Friday)
  • Pictures of the Muslims at the house party (Saturday)
  • Pictures of Grand Ole Party, Vampire Weekend, Fantastic Magic at the Casbah (Sunday)

3. A public service announcement to avoid holiday shopping nightmares, or at least one.

4. A ticket giveaway. Yep, just you sit tight. I've got a pair of Modest Mouse tickets to giveaway. I'm gonna have to think of a special way to really make you work for these...

5. An explanation why you won't be reading about the Scolari's brouhaha in my CityBeat column this week (and why you'll find it in The Reader)

Anyway, it was a great weekend for me. I hope the same for all of you. By the way, did you have any idea that I have such attractive readers? It was a pleasure meeting all of you who came up to me over the weekend and introduced yourselves as Dialed In regulars. It means a lot to me. Maybe I should turn this site into one giant personal ad for myself, geez!

1 comment:

JonnyUps said...

when you say "attractive readers" i know you're talking about me. ;)

it was nice meeting you, i hope your blog gets huge and famous and makes you billions of dollars.