Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Red Pony Clock, Fishboy, Aux Eutres @ Ken Club 12/14/07

I'm slowly going through writing these recaps nearly two weeks after the shows, so forgive me if I jumble up band names and whatnot. On Friday I was just happy to get home and take a long nap. When I woke up I had little motivation to go out except I keep missing the Donkeys, so I walked to the Ken Club in hopes of catching them.

Eux Autres were onstage and I liked their quirky pop. They'd go well with Secret Apollo and The Predicates, and since I only caught the tale end of their set, I hope to see them again. I was told that they're siblings, and I think they commented that they're originally from Nebraska, but I'm not sure where they live profile puts them in Portland and the other in San Francisco. They played an original Christmas song that talked about going home for the holidays and everyone meeting up at the local bar. The song stuck out because they were singing about the champagne on tap. !!!. Yes, they said, it really exists.

I didn't realize that night that Fishboy was also a touring band (from Texas), but it makes sense because reading their MySpace puts them squarely in the Danielson Famile/Asthmatic Kitty style of bands which pretty much guarantees a party onstage.

I don't know how I totally blew it, but after the band I was hanging out, catching up with friends, and I went to check and see if the Donkeys had played and they were already done. I don't know how I didn't hear them or how so much time lapsed, but I guess I was just caught up. I did catch Red Pony Clock, and they're always a fun time, but I was there to see the Donkeys and I blew it. Boo.

The show ended, there were some shots served, and a friend of mine was stuck at the bar after being dropped off in a cab, so we headed to my house and he crashed until one of his friends picked him up in the morning. That seems to happen a lot in December...which I'll get to shortly.

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