Friday, December 07, 2007

OMG!!! Party with Lauren & Audrina from The Hills For New Years

hahahahahahaha. Sorry. I never do a big New Years. First of all, it's the ultimate rookie night. Second, for me, a new year is for reflecting on the years before and preparing for the coming year and all of its inevitable ups and downs, not a time to be a drunken idiot. Still, every year, stupid clubs offer stupid promotions for a bunch of people to spend a shitload of money on a night that will ultimately disappoint. Though, really, there's nothing better than seeing the drunk girls cry when they don't get that midnight kiss.

This year, why not party in style?? Barf. I'm only kidding. And even as guiltily devoted as I am to watching The Hills, if you think paying $125 for general entry, or $175 for "premium" entry, or $3000 for a table is going to make your 2008 ring in cooler than everyone else's because you're at the same place as Audrina and Lauren, then by all means, have at it. And by the way, congrats, because you are an ultimate douchebag.


JonnyUps said...

i will never stop reading your blog. keep writing this way...although i am the ultimate in lovers of the teen sensation, i can still appreciate the part of me that despises all that the lame mainstream media declares "trendy"

by Mario S. said...

These 3 young toolbags that fly in and out from my workt. My coworker joe built a repor with one of these guys. They invited him to this party cause their filming it or something. I thought it was funny. We joked about how he wanted to meet LC. Too bad I would have to change everything about myself to attend.