Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sights + Sounds feat Film School at SDMA

After a late night at the Melvins on Wednesday, then a long day at work on Thursday, I had to get in a power nap before heading out. The nap resulted in my missing the CityBeat Red Party at SideBar downtown. Instead, I went to Balboa Park and am glad that Aguirre stood up for the public when he took a stand against the valet from The Prado using public spots because for the first time in a long time, I had no problem finding parking. This was actually surprising because the event was sold out. Apparently Brooke and Owen and the other organizers from FM 94/9 expected about 500 people; instead, they had to cut off sales at 700. I was pleased that the event was successful because it only encourages similar events in the future. Unfortunately, when I arrived, security was clearing out the museum and filtering everyone into the outdoor sculpture garden area, but I wasn't really there for the art anyway.

After a few minutes of waiting, I was handed my will call tickets and we were in the event. There was food from Modus, but we were only able to snag a couple of the crab lettuce wraps, and we didn't bother with the bar because we heard they were on the verge of running out of booze. We made our way into the auditorium where the crowd left a nice 7 foot "too cool gap", so we found a spot against the stage.

Film School comes from the whole Silverlake scene, so it's no stretch to see how they fit in with bands like Silversun Pickups. In fact, Dave, the guitarist from Film School, toured with SSPU early on, and I recognized him from the first time I saw them out the HoB sidestage.

The auditorium was a really great space. The stage was huge and I guess it's used mostly for classical performances, but it would serve all of us well if they hosted more rock shows, because the sound was great, the lighting was spot on, and the crowd had room to move. It is my understanding that FM 94/9 is hoping to make this a monthly event and I really hope that is true. TNT has lost some momentum of late, it seems, and I actually think that Sights + Sounds might revive interest in the whole art + music concept.

From the Museum of Art, Andrea and I headed to The Melvins show, which I already wrote about, then afterward we went to Modus, where Film School was hanging and spinning records. That point of the night was just silliness and we had a good time, pretty much having the run of the bar.

My guess is that in a few months Film School will be where SSPU are now, so I'm glad I got to see them in a semi-intimate venue since I'd missed their Beauty Bar show a month before. I'm also glad that there seems to be a new LA scene going on, getting away from the dirty Sunset Blvd scene and moving into a broader indie scene that I can really get behind. It's about time.

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