Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Triple Dipping: The Lemonheads, Racoon, New Rivals

As I was leaving work on Tuesday, a co-worker asked me, "Doing anything fun tonight?" When I told her I was going to The Casbah to see The Lemonheads, she said something like, "I wish I had your life for just one night." And I know she didn't really mean it, but her comment resonated in my mind all night long. Because there I was at The Casbah, watching three great bands, working the merch, enjoying some n.f.l. vodka tonics, all the while blogging with the Casbah's wi-fi, and I kinda had one of those how-could-this-night-be-any-cooler moments. Needless to say, I had a blast.

I got to the venue at 8 pm. The manager for The Lemonheads and Racoon was there doing inventory on the merch. The Lemonheads have a ton of merch. They had three different shirts in all sizes, keychains, pins, posters, and vinyl. I decided that the stacks of t-shirts would be too hard to deal with as they were, so I proceeded to fold and roll them, taping them with masking tape so they'd be easy to find. 120 shirts later, the doors of the venue were opening and I was ready to get going.

It was fun being on the patio. Laura Jane was there, so I gave her camera duties for the evening.

First up for the night was New Rivals. The guys are from Long Island and have been friends since they were little kids. They fit the bill well if you're a fan of the earlier, punkier Lemonheads. I liked how they sounded a lot, even though I was only able to partially pay attention while tending the booth, and I caught myself bopping my head a bit. They especially won me over on their cover of Waiting Room.

Laura Jane came out and took a pic of me triple dipping- selling, blogging, and listening to bands.

Gavin is the manager of New Rivals, and he was happy to not have to sell merch for the night. Unfortunately for the band, the ATM machine was busted so they didn't sell much in the way of merch, but we all had a good time hanging out anyway.

Laura Jane was camera happy, and I love her for it. She took this one of Cap'n Andy, Porter and herself.

The second band of the night was Racoon. I really liked their sound from outside. Someone said they sounded like "a Dutch Matchbox Twenty", and though it was meant as an insult, it seemed accurate but I was okay with that. And clearly they did something right because when they were done, 5 girls came out asking if "that one song" was on the CD, and bought it.

Apparently LJ liked this guy's tee, so I thought I'd post it for her benefit.

Finally The Lemonheads were on. What was cool was that even though I was "working", Gavin kept telling me to go in and watch the band, so the rest of these pics are ones that I took. I wish I had a setlist, and I sent a couple people on the mission of grabbing me one, but I don't know if they were able to grab one, but I know that from the patio and from inside the venue, it felt like Evan played every song I could've asked for.

Malinda, Jake & Abraham

Jake with Jon from New Rivals

Even though Gavin said it was cool, I didn't feel right leaving him at the merch table for too long, but when the band left the stage, leaving Evan on his own, I had to go in and rock out for a few songs.

Back on the patio it was fun capturing a few snapshots of the guys from New Rivals and Racoon.

As all things go, the night had to come to an end. I knew Evan was off with Miggs and Curtis, but thank god I didn't press the issue of an afterparty because I would not have been functional at all today at work. I stayed in tonight to catch up on sleep and because this weekend is expected to be pretty nutty.

Tomorrow afternoon, my office is hosting a party, then I'll be heading to a pre-show gathering with Scissors for Lefty, Suffrajett, and possibly Juliette and The Licks, then to the Casbah. If I can get everything done at work that I need to, I'm taking my second "floating holiday" on Friday, but I'll be spending the day choosing, transporting and decorating my Christmas tree, then a wine party at a friend's house, then probably head to the show at Beauty Bar because I really like Eastern Conference Champs. Saturday there's a lot going on, but I'll probably go to the Music 101 seminar, then December Nights (Christmas on the Prado), then David Bazan's early show at the Casbah, then finish my night at Scolari's.

The whole month is gonna be busy, but can you tell I love Christmastime!?!

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