Sunday, December 09, 2007

December Nights 2007 (The Night formerly known as Christmas On The Prado)

Friday was a family night for me. And for once, I think we finally got a routine down that makes sense. In the past, we spent too much time on the east side of the park, so when we'd finally get to the Prado, the museums and food would be closing down. This year, we parked in Hillcrest instead of at City College, and walked in via the Laurel bridge. We watched some dancers and saw some lights, but headed straight to the food booths. The organizers must've read my blog post from last year, because this year, while it seemed like maybe there were less vendors in the Taste of San Diego area, there was more space. The booths weren't facing one another, so there weren't crazy long lines interweaving for the samplings. We also planned well, because at 7, the Cirque du Soleil performance started, so the food area almost entirely cleared out. We had some tasty stuff from Pampas (an Argentinian restaurant), Heaven Scent Desserts, El Indio, Commonwealth Cafe (awesome wings!), Pick Up Stix, and a couple others.

After finishing up, we meandered down the prado to make sure we went into the Natural History Museum. The Dead Sea Scrolls area was closed off, but we had a nice time in the museum. We spent a while there because Johanna needed to be fed and changed, but while we were inside, the rain had come and gone outside, so we were lucky to have missed it.

Johanna was in a good mood the whole night as I carried her around in the Baby Bjorn. We ended up at the "tree" in the Organ Pavillion, but we went onstage, and its not even a real tree! Which I suppose for being "green" isn't so bad, but if you go onstage, it's actually just steel frames and scaffolding with a bunch of greenery tucked into it. Still, that's all ok with me because it was a nice night with my family.

Also, not to get ahead of myself, but a couple friends came over at the Ken Club Saturday night and helped decorate my new tree. My home is now all Christmased out. And I couldn't be happier about that.

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