Friday, December 21, 2007

The Internet Is Funny That Way

I wrote about my adventure to Morongo Casino the other day. My google alert found this site that took my blog and translated it on another site. I think it's pretty clear that this isn't what I wrote.
For those of we who asked about my overnight outing, Morongo Casino is in Cabazon as well as is the integrate hours divided . we listen to there’s the great sauna, which the bedrooms have been flattering spiff, as well as they have the “lamborghini of bowling alleys” . It’s additionally subsequent to an opening core . My time there is singular, though I’ll be certain to write about my knowledge there . If you’re gonna be in locale, tonight is surprisingly the beach night…there’s the great uncover over during 710 or we can check out Dag’s final uncover with Two Word Name over at...
Gotta love webcrawlers and blog bots.

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