Monday, December 17, 2007

Shooting In South Park

A woman was killed in South Park. Apparently a group of friends returned home after a night out. In the middle of the night, the shooter heard noise in the home and shot the woman, who was his girlfriend's sister. Sounds like he believed there was an intruder. Nonetheless, the woman was killed. The story is here.


andrea said...

I strongly believe in a person's right to bear arms, but this is a perfect example of why there should be a stronger education program in place coupled with more stringent testing before someone is able to obtain a weapons permit. The system that's in place now is crap. I can't believe shit like this happens.
Thanks for posting news items like this, Rosey. I don't keep up on much local news, so sometimes the first time I hear about anything is through your site.

by Mario S. said...

She was a family friend of my good friend. It's sad. Her sister doesn't pick the best boyfriends.