Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Friday Recap: Swedish Models, Blackout Party, Secret Apollo, Frantic Romantic

Driving my car in the rain is pretty rough. Despite having a day of from the d.j., I still managed to get to the Casbah later than expected. Actually, what happened was I got sucked into watching a show (research for my next CityBeat column) and by the time I realized it, I was late and headed for the Casbah. The show was already sold out which impressed me immensely. Unfortunately, I missed the debut of Hotel St. George. I heard they were great but only had a five song set, so its not really that surprising that I missed them.

The Casbah was cozy, with the music room packed to the gills and the Atari Lounge pretty full as well, as smokers huddled under the small awning over the entry way to the venue. I headed up front for the Swedish Models. It was kinda funny, these guys are my friends and I've seen them a ton, but I guess I normally spend so much time watching the spectacle of the band and Andrew jumping around from instrument to instrument that I never paid attention to the fact that this boy can really sing. It was nice to see something new in a band that is so familiar.

There was chatting and socializing to be done, but I made it in for part of The Blackout Party's set. I always love the use of unorthodox instruments, and The Blackout Party always sounds perfect for sippin on Makers with the lap steel and flute that accompany the guitar, bass and drums.

I lingered a little after Blackout Party, but since the rain settled a bit, I decided to head home before it started pouring again. My car's wipers don't do jack and I have to drive with my windows down to keep the windows from fogging up...safety first, ya know?

Anyway, from there is was off to the Ken Club, where I caught Secret Apollo. I love their quirky songs and this was my first time actually seeing them play in well over a year. The crowd was small but interactive. Plus, the free red vines the band gives out make great stars for slurping down an NFL vodka tonic (that's No Fucking Lime to you)

Then of course, I met the Frantic Romantic guys and we after partied at my house for a while. It was a great night and it was nice to not have anything to do or anywhere I had to be on Saturday. Love those nights and love those days.

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