Friday, December 14, 2007

Somebody Pinch Me

As a superfan of music, I will never take for granted getting to see a show. Whether it's an up and coming band or legendary icons, I feel like it's all part of my music education and I never want to stop learning. That said, when I get the opportunity to meet a band, it's something that I treasure even more. This is not to say that I'm so cool, but really that I feel so lucky. In the last two nights, not only did I meet The Melvins and Big Business, but I got to hang out with Buzz in the back office where we talked about music and band's merchandise and touring and the music business and all kinds of random shit. After that, I went to Modus where we hung out with the M-Theory kids, and met the peeps in Film School. If 31 year old me told 16 year old me that I would be doing such cool shit and meeting such cool people and legendary icons, 16 year old me would've said "yeah, right".

The Melvins

3/5 of Film School with Brooke (FM 94/9)

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Lazy John said...

I love the Goldwater shirt. I want one of them as long as it's not black. I have too many black t-shirts.