Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Friday Recap: Republic of Letters, Hotel St. George, The Roman Spring

With my car dead, I was more than grateful that Abraham picked me up after he got off work and we headed to the Tower Bar. Fortunately, shows always start a little bit later there, so we had plenty of time before The Roman Spring started up. I was really there to just hang out, and the idea of putting more pictures on my camera that was already storing a half gig of pics was daunting, so I didn't take any more pics of The Roman Spring, but the show was fun as always and a lot of people came out for the show.

I did have to bust out the camera for Hotel St. George, since this was just their second show and I missed their set last time, but I didn't capture any that I really liked...still, have to post a couple as a matter of record...

Also, I was scolded because I didn't mention that Hotel St. George has music available for download on their MySpace page here. Matt is always awesome with his swagger when he performs and his marketing line cracked me up. "We have some 3 songs demos for free. If you don't take one, you're an asshole." From the first listen, I was hooked to the demo, and I know they'll be picking up where Vinyl Radio left off, though the music has a little more pop catchiness to it, which I actually like better.

I wasn't gonna take pics of Republic of Letters because I've posted so many in the past, but I actually finally got some decent shots of Nick, since he wasn't hiding in the back and we didn't have to Ken Club black curtain to compete with...

Chris wasn't feeling great and it was clear that his voice was hurting, but I still loved the performance, and I hear they've got some new stuff in the works for 2008. I think it's gonna be a very good year for San Diego music.

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