Wednesday, December 05, 2007

American Apparel Ads: Too Risque?

It appears that a lot of people are not happy with some of the recent American Apparel ads. Nothing new, actually. People have been complaining about the ads for a long time. There have been several letters to the editor at CityBeat and other mags and rags that have featured the ads. Like this one where the writer argues, "The ads put prepubescent models in compromising poses, wearing inadequate clothing... Progressive politics is one thing; exploitation is another."

American Apparel seems to relish the attention, even referring to their own advertising as "provocative."

I'm not trying to mock the issue, because even though I don't find the ads inappropriate, I do find them sleazy. But the controversy about the ads reminded me that when I was in LA a couple months ago, I picked up The Onion and couldn't stop laughing at this article. Hope you enjoy.
14 American Apparel Models Freed In Daring Midnight Raid

The Onion

14 American Apparel Models Freed In Daring Midnight Raid

LOS ANGELES—"There were girls everywhere," FBI agent Curtis Froman said. "Draped over furniture, sprawled spread-eagled in the corner, and huddled close like animals."

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