Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Saturday/Sunday Night: Ken Club, Scolari's, Casbah

I learned something important on Saturday. Never plan a party when everyone around you is tipsy. I decided on Friday night that I'd have a little wine party at my house on Saturday, but with Christmas around the corner and everyone already locked into plans, my "party" ended up being Jason and I watching Elf on TV while snacking on cheese and crackers accompanied by a bottle of wine. No complaints, but perhaps advanced warning would be better in the future. We decided after the movie to hang out at the Ken Club, where the bar was having a Christmas party of their own, though that was only lightly attended as well. My friend Simon had driven into town from Portland, so he met us, and then Jason left to the Alibi. Simon and I decided to check out the benefit for Riki Watkins at Scolari's. She's the girl who was killed on Sunday morning in the accidental shooting in South Park and she was a bartender at Kadan, so friends threw together a benefit to help her family with funeral costs. By the nature of the event, calling it "fun" would be inaccurate, but it was nice to see how many people came out to show support for the cause. I'll have more to say about that soon, I'll keep y'all posted. From Scolari's, Simon and I went back to my pad and I let him crash so he didn't have to sleep in his car, and come Sunday, once he was gone, I was happy to stay home and relax for the greater part of the day.

I was gonna just slum all night, but Petro and Kris were going to the Casbah so we went down to check out the free FM 94/9 show at the Casbah.

Action Andy and The Haunted Honky Tonkers were great with their rockabilly blues, and Buzz Campbell & Hot Rod Lincoln did more of the same, and I flashed back to when I used to seek them out with friends in high school so we could go swing dancing.

We only stayed for a couple songs by The Stranger's Six but Aaron definitely has his rock star stage swagger, and the bar filled out while they played. I would've liked to stay, but I knew I had to get up early on Monday to get ready for the game, so it was nice to finally get a full night's sleep.

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