Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Weekend Music Recap: Desert Diamonds, Low Red Land, The Long And Short Of It, The Heartaches, Modest Mouse

I just really don't think I'm gonna get to posting about this weekend unless I do it now. 'Tis a busy week ahead indeed, but I wanted to mention a couple things.

Friday night, I missed the opening bands, but I finally got the chance to see Desert Diamonds at the Ken Club. I was camera free, but I really enjoyed their set. The singer is commanding onstage and actually kinda reminded me of JD Fortune, the new singer of INXS. He probably won't like the comparison, but after having seen INXS live this summer, I mean it in the most complimentary way and I look forward to seeing the band play again soon.

Saturday night I missed Death On Mars, but got to see Low Red Land from SF. They played loud and fast, but their vocals were really clear (at least with my plugs in) and their music was passionate. I liked the duel vocals and reminded me of the hardcore 'emo' stuff I was into in high school before 'emo' was hijacked by a bunch of pussy MTV boy bands with guitars. For $10, they sold me all of their CDs, including a live CD, a full length, a couple eps, and a sneak peek of tracks from their next full length. I also watched the first few songs of The Long and Short of It, but I had to leave in the middle because I was meeting friends back in the hood.
Low Red Land
The Long And Short Of It

At the Ken Club I saw the Heartaches who always just bring it. The night drew a large crowd and made for a fun night at the bar, and afterward when a couple friends came over to help me decorate my tree. (Which, by the way- we had to cut some branches off the bottom so the tree would stand straight in the stand since they didn't trim it at the Q, and we were able to do it with the infamous Ginzu knife. They always said it could slice tomatoes and cut through cans, but they should add sawing a Christmas tree to their advertising.)
The Heartaches

Anyway, Sunday I really wanted to head to the Zombie, but had some writing to catch up on, which also meant I didn't get to hang out with my family. My cousin was down from LA, but without internet at their house, I might've missed my deadline. I need to plan my time better sometimes.

Finally, tonight I went to Modest Mouse at SOMA. Unfortunately I missed Matt Costa but heard he was great. I got there about 20 minutes before MM hit the stage and just couldn't get anywhere near where I wanted to be. Finally I went in through the front side door and was able to hang in the corner, about a third back from the stage. They sounded great, mostly playing tracks from the last two albums. I was actually impressed because I forgot my earplugs and the sound was so clear and not at all overwhelming. The band didn't talk much, except when Brock ranted that their last three shows being radio shows. He talked shit about radio stations, saying they play in circles and are a bunch of bullshit. Yet he played those shows and also played the 94/9 Hootenanny last year. Maybe he was just being cool to rally the crowd behind him, but honestly, to me, it's called biting the hand. If they wanted to stay indie and obscure, they could easily refuse the big tours. I just think it's a little hypocritical.

Anyway, I watched for exactly 50 minutes then went to use the restroom and the guard wouldn't let me back in the front area, saying they were at capacity, so I had to enter through the back. Being 5'3" and knowing I had a bunch to do around the homefront, I just decided to leave, that was enough of their show for me. I wish I'd had more energy, and I wish I maybe had a little buzz, because I would've liked to see the whole thing, but I'm trying hard to find a better healthier balance with my demanding day job, my CityBeat side job, and this little hobby of a blog that I maintain. Also, sitting next to my dog and my tree in my pj's while I blog and watch the finale of The Hills...sometimes that is really just what I need.


Heather Ace said...

Dang Rosey, I gotsa disagree about the sound with you, There was SO MUCH FEEDBACK and his mike cut out at least once. He also lost his voice a bit near the end. In my 6'3 head space, and ability to somehow move up to the front rapidly, I can see the whole stage. I caught Issac Brock's (lead) face sneering at the sound guys, mouthing angry words, rolling his eyes, shaking his head, and whipping the mikes around whenever there was feed back. There was tons of NON fans who know only the song Float On and talked during every song that wasn't that one. No part of the Moon and Antartica CD Opening Trifecta was played and they played a five song encore with not one recognizable song ending in a JAM song, make the end super anticlimactic. I hate teenagers and I hate when artist make a crappy set list. I will say this, getting to dance my ass off to Tiny Cities made of Ashes paved over a TON of the problems with the concert. I went with Sarah who won your contest and that was super cool to get to go for free, THANKS!!!

Rosemary Bystrak said...

I should've clarified- where I was standing, the sound was perfect. I was around people who were dancing but not talking. I'm sure any closer or any further back and I might've been miserable, which is why, when I couldn't get back to my spot, I bailed. I didn't stay till the end...for me it was just a dollop of Modest Mouse and that's all I really needed.