Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Tighten-Ups @ Tower Bar 12/15/07

We arrived at the Tower Bar pretty late. We went to see Tell Mama, a new band that I'd written about it one of my recent CityBeat columns. However, since the show, the band realized there's another band called Tell Mama in San Diego, so to prevent confusion, I'm writing about them with their new name, The Tighten Ups, which I like a whole lot better anyway.

If you know Laura Jane, you know the chick has a huge personality and makes everyone around her have a good time. This comes in handy for her since she performs on Hornblower Cruises and hosts karaoke nights around town. She also performs in a couple shows at Martini's on 4th. At long last, she is fronting a band and playing some classic rock n roll tunes that are guaranteed to get asses shaking.

The show kicked ass and they'll be playing on Jan 27 at the Casbah.

After that portion of the evening, I felt bad that I was in full party mode and Adam had been stuck with DD duties, so when we made it back to Kensington we went to the Ken for last call. After that, a group of my friends came over and we watched Reality Bites and Love Actually while we shivered in my cold ass apartment. The sun was up before we finally called it a night, but no complaints. When it comes down to it, nights like these are what the holidays are all about.

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