Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sweet & Tender Hooligans at the Casbah, 12/29/07

If you were following along, I ended up staying on the smoking patio for the majority of the night. Kudos to Sweet & Tender Hooligans for bringin' it down once again, though this crowd seemed less rowdy than the night before. Still quite enthusiastic, however, from what I gathered in bathroom banter when I had the chance to sneak away from the merch table for a sec. I never got away long enough to take pics inside, but I did make sure that me and Jose got some pics on the patio before the night was done. Apologies to those of you who are tired of seeing my 'stupid face' on my own blog.

Sweet & Tender Hooligans Setlist, Casbah, 12/29/07

Typically, shows at the Casbah run in the $10 range, but for $18, I can say that Sweet & Tender Hooligans deliver with an exceptionally long set for the fans. And for $10, their shirts are well worth the price, although somehow, and I don't know how, I left the show without one. boo. I thought I'd catch last call at the Ken or something, but I was at the Casbah pretty much until 2 am, and this girl, I'm not really sure her connection to the band, but she gave me a Tiffany heart on a chain. She said something along the lines of she has a friend who works for Tiffany, so she gets some comp schwag, and she wanted to give this necklace to someone who would appreciate it, and it's absolutely beautiful and for some reason she gave it to me.

Like I keep saying...someone pinch me. It's cool enough that I get to see amazing shows, but when I get to connect with people, in bands or just fans of the bands, I know every second that I'm one lucky broad. Thank you, Sweet & Tender Hooligans. Thank you.

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