Friday, December 28, 2007

Chris Cantore Leaves 91X

There are things that I sometimes don't blog. As much as I love news and can succumb to gossip, I feel a responsibility to keep certain things to myself when I hear them, because I value the relationships that I've made because of this blog and it's not my goal to screw with anyone's life. That said, I would be remiss if I didn't comment on the drama happening over at 91X.

First there was this piece in Blurt, back in November.
According to one insider, the next local morning DJ to be replaced by a
syndicated show is Chris Cantore, who has anchored the 91X morning show for 11
years. On November 14, his on-air partner Jennifer White announced that she was
leaving 91X after 2 years. She is set to get her own morning show on Sophie

It is rumored that Cantore in the Morning will be replaced by the
L.A.-based Adam Carolla Show in January. Carolla's all-talk show replaced the
syndicated Howard Stern Show in many cities when Stern switched to Sirius almost
two years ago. Locally, the Carolla show was carried on Free FM, the now-defunct
all-talk station at 103.7 FM. Weak ratings prompted 103.7 to switch to the
female-friendly "Sophie" music format.

Then Ken, the most charming man in local journalism, did this piece about Al Guerra leaving 91X's Loudspeaker.
Chris Cantore, host of the 91X morning show for 11 years, signed off on
December 14, saying he was not sure if he would be coming back after a two-week

When asked, Manning did not deny looking into replacing Cantore with a
nationally syndicated morning show; however, he says the next 91X morning show
will be live and local. But, Manning says he is looking "outside San Diego" for
morning-show talent.
I had the chance to talk to Chris and Ruggy at the FM 94/9 Holiday Hootenanny and it's no secret that things have been a-changing at 91X for some time now. To me, it's sad to see Kallao and Cantore go, and now Al Guerra, but I know they'll all be well. Sadly for radio listeners, things will probably get a whole lot worse before they get better.

And from Cantore's MySpace:

Yes, it's true.
I will not be returning to 91X in 2008.
I am sorry if you had to find out this way.
Currently, spending time with my family, friends, and surfboard.
I promise, I will tell you EVERYTHING very, very soon. Thank you for 11 years of support and all your well-wishes...melts my soul.
Good luck, Cantore. You will be missed.


Anonymous said...

What is happening to 91X?

So sad to see such fabulous DJ's leave. They've made 91X what it is (or was).

Tdub said...

I just found out that Cantore is left 91X. Does anyone know if he has taken his show to another station yet. I currently live in Austin, and would like to find out if he has left the DJ booth for good, or if he is planning on coming back.
If anyone has any info please feel free to email me:

Anonymous said...

Wow. I just now found out, I'm currently deployed.

Not sure who I'll listen to in the morning now, I guess it'll be my Ipod.

I've been listening since '01.

Such a shame, I don't know what 91x is becoming, but I don't like it.

Anonymous said...

Moved to Portland last August (it sucks) and just clicked on listen live 91X and there was this really annoying non-music 91X. The new DJ is terrible. The show sounds like those loud, annoying, not funny shows on the Clear Channel Stations like 93.3 or whatever. Good luck Cantore.Miss ya man. YOu should come to Portland and start your own radio station here. The alternative music sucks up here. Its like a Hippie Dream. Ahhhhh Help me.

Unknown said...

Yea, moved to Denver in '02 and still listened online. Fan of Cantore since '97. Hope he lands somewhere that deserves him, he was the voice of that station. Good luck if you're reading this!