Friday, December 28, 2007

PB Residents to the Rest of San Diego: Stay the hell out

First, there's the booze ban.

Second, there's the buyout of several lots in the Mission Beach/Pacific Beach area by developers, including the building that housed the Liar's Club.

Now, a "private company" is evaluating the parking situation in Pacific Beach and will likely recommend installing meters where none currently exist.

Just wait, next come the building height exemptions. And development. And less beach access. Apparently, if you have enough dough, you're more entitled to the beach than the rest of us losers.

I'm just saying that all the pieces appear to be separate issues, but add em up.

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Lazy John said...

We need to cut PB loose from San Diego the way Bugs Bunny cut Florida loose. It's a cancer on our city. I'd like it to become a social leper island, populated only with PB types.