Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cold War Kids Offer Free Unreleased EP

A Message From Cold War Kids:

FREE Unreleased "Mulberry Street" EP

Cold War Kids recorded three 6 song EPs before releasing "Robbers & Cowards." The first of the three EPs is called "Mulberry Street." It was recorded in a day in M. Wignall's garage/studio for some design job favors from Maust and sixty bucks. In between takes, Wignall would play an album over the speakers, like Iggy Pop's "Lust For Life" or Neil Young's "After the Gold Rush," and go on long rants, pointing out sounds and talking about how good these musicians were and how we would be lucky if in ten years we could play a song anywhere near this good. We thought "Who cares! We just want to record our songs for us!" Then he showed us how to record vocals while he went to mow the lawn.

Starting tomorrow, Wednesday Dec 12, RCRDLBL.com will be offering up for completely free and legal download two tracks from the previously-unreleased EP every day this week thru Friday.
Download the songs from RCRD LBL here.

We hope you enjoy it.
-Nathan Willett

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