Sunday, December 09, 2007

Thursday Night: Scissors For Lefty & Juliette and The Licks

I just want to be really clear about something. Thursday night was a great night, but there are four words that I never thought I would post here. I. Drank. Too. Much. My office hosted a party starting at 4 and there was a lot of booze to go around. We did the whole gift exchange thing before I left. Then round two of my night took place at The Undercarriage.

This was the second time The Undercarriage brought in a band. We asked Scissors For Lefty to come to the spa because they're on the same label as Great Northern- Eenie Meanie Records- and because I had a been in touch with the band a little after their Beauty Bar show earlier in the year. What Malinda and Kristin are doing is a really cool thing for bands, especially in this case, after they played the night before in Sacramento. Originally Suffrajett were going to come in, too, but they were all sick and ended up staying in Sacramento. The guys in Scissors for Lefty were all a bit under the weather, too, so Brian, the singer, slept in the van, while the others came in for mini massages.

From the Undercarriage, it was on to the show at the Casbah. If Scissors for Lefty were actually sick, you wouldn't have known it from their performance. I liked the band when I saw them back in Feb, but after this performance, I crazily loved them. They're full on pros, with full command of the stage. Brian also has that dreamy charisma thing going on. When he jumped into the crowd I thought the whole group of girls he was singing to were gonna lose their shit.

By the time their set was finished, I was pretty lit, which resulted in going snap-happy with the camera. Halloran even took a bunch of pics with my camera, but after looking at all the pics, all I can say is that I'm glad they were on my camera and will never see the light of day. Sorry. But I did get to take some pics of Juliette, who seriously brings it when she performs. I was in awe. Anyway, I'll let those pics do the rest of the talking.

The night was brilliant but I was glad that I'd taken Friday off from work, for sure. My overindulgence made me feel really lame the next day, but I got over it. Even the best of us slip every once in a while, I guess.

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