Friday, May 18, 2007

finally freakin friday

This blog has just deteriorated back to just being my diary lately. Sorry. Today, just some pics.

First, I thought I'd add to the great burrito debate. This is my half eaten achiote (it's a paprika-like spice) chicken burrito from Lucy's. Screw SF, this burrito wasn't even close to the best burrito ever and it still totally kicked ass. And it was $4.

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Next, while I was about to head to the Ken Club last night, I captured my cat grooming my dog. This happens daily, but most people don't believe me. My dog is scared of the camera, so I can't really get a good shot ever, but man, these beasts make my heart thump.

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Finally, I made it to trivia which I'd love to recap had I not been so pissed. And I mean pissed in the way British people say it, not in the "I was angry" American way. My team didn't win. I didn't help much. I mean really, Adam, opening songs of movies AND Coachella headliners? Both topics I'd be the last person on the planet to know. Of course, these fools know EVERYTHING.

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Then I drunkenly signed up for the adult spelling bee, which I lost on some medical word I don't quite remember today. A good night for me, but I'm sorry to anyone who came in my path and had to hear my ramblings. I was pissed.

Oh, and for those of you who haven't seen Gimbel lately, the boy cut his hairs. Lookin good, Adam.

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adamg said...

Due to an oversight, Rosie's team actually came in 3rd! Being lazy with the facial hair, nice shot of the largest bald patch in the world. I look like a 15 year old trying to grow a beard. Thanks for bringing candles, neighbor! Full report and trivia questions sometime tonight at

Unknown said...

There was a recount, and we actually came in 3rd. OK, so we still didn't win.