Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Street Scene Lineup Taking Shape?


My fellow bloggers have commented here a couple bits of info.

The White Stripes did not include Street Scene on their recently released tour dates. But San Diego is missing from their tour entirely, which is pretty unusual. Their tour has them playing on September 21st in Berkeley, CA, then on the 24th in Anchorage, Alaska. Maybe the 22nd here?

Meanwhile, Chickrawker commented that Smashing Pumpkins will be playing on the second day of Street Scene without revealing her sources.

Also, another mention that Jamal at the House of Blues is the dude to bribe if you want your local band to be given a shot at playing Street Scene this year. The majority of the lineup is expected to be pulled together in June. Of course, this is still conditional since I haven't yet heard that the Del Mar Racetrack is totally on board just yet.

Update: A new festival in Colorado called Monolith is scheduled for September 14 & 15. Think festival artists. Think Street Scene. Maybe some of the same artists will grace this beautiful city of ours? Some of the acts include The Flaming Lips, The Decemberists, Ghostland Observatory (next big thing), The Brian Jonestown Massacre, William Elliott Whitmore (I LOVE him), Yacht, and Cake. Take your chances and buy your presale Street Scene tickets when you can.


Tania said...

SP second day? White Stripes as well? I may have to buy the pre-line up tickets and take a chance. Del Mar here I come.

Thanks for the info!

lyn said...

can't reveal source without getting into trouble (or losing the source!)

catdirt said...

well if chickrawker says so it's true.