Thursday, May 10, 2007

91X X-Fest Popularity Contest

I have some neg opinions about 91x, but it wasn't always that way. I used to love the station. I used to love their events, including their summer and christmas concerts. I still listen to the station frequently as I push my six pre-programmed stations on my short commute to and from work, so I obviously don't hate it, I just have my opinions about how I think it could be a whole lot better. I still have friends that work there. But I've also said before, I'm not their target demographic (men 18-34), so my opinion doesn't really have any consequence anyway. That said, I promised a friend I would post the following.

91X is looking for a local band to open for all the bands at X-Fest. You can go to their site
here and listen to bands, read bios, and vote for the band you think should play. Half the bands, I'm like "who?" but I've really only scratched the surface with local music, so the "huh" isn't that surprising. Asterisks represent bands I can wholeheartedly endorse. And in no way am I knocking the other bands, I'm just completely unfamiliar.

Arm The Angels
David Vaughn
Every Thirteen Days
Fight Fair
Four Minutes til Midnight
The New Addiction
The Paper Dolls
The Power-Chords*
Secret Apollo*
The Skank Agents
The Stranger's Six*
The Material*
Tragedy and Triumph
The Transit War*
Two Word Name*
White Apple Tree
Yesterday's Rising
Vanity Affair

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catdirt said...

i count three bands that do not merit a "huh" and i make no similar reservations about my knowledge of the local music scene. transit war, the power chords, strangers six. that's it. who the fuck are these other bands? Go power chords.